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she’s all that

January 2, 2013

“we’re meeting friends,” she said as we clunked through the front door.  i was carrying a day’s worth of essentials on my back and she was carrying my handbag brimming with bus entertainment.  they were perched in the corner, on bar stools, warming up with a mug of fair trade coffee.  the hostess stepped aside and that’s when lauren and i spotted megan and her freshly minted fiance.

it felt like a scene from a chick flick.  girl comes to city to reunite with the best friends a bus ticket and four years at a liberal arts college can buy.  her city girl friends are impossibly chic and everything the girl dreams of becoming as she bumbles back home on the bus.  her city girl friends’ significant others work in finance and own nice shoes and know how to rock a scarf.  they laugh and beam and soak up their precious moments together- curled up on lauren’s cozy bed on central park west or on megan’s ottoman in her fourth floor walk-up in “the village.”  the girls, fiance in tow, brunch at a restaurant made for the movies and then make a pilgrimage to magnolia bakery for banana pudding.  they’re the girls that are young enough to wear sequins and party hats on new year’s eve but old enough to talk about money and careers.

if i didn’t know any better, i’d think my life was a movie.  i can almost hear the soundtrack playing in my head…or streaming from my itunes playlist titled “get out there girl.”  it sounds like a chick flick but i am lucky enough to live this life, with these girls, and these significant others.  and that banana pudding.   these girls are the kind of people who squeal when their doorman calls up to their apartment to let them know you’ve arrived.  these girls will wake up at 9:30 a.m. on new year’s day to start 2013 with a run along the west side highway.  these girls will meet me for brunch and call me when they get engaged.  these girls make saying “we’re meeting friends” seem like it’s not enough.  these girls are more than friends.

they’re all that and a pint of banana pudding.

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