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command + alt + 2013

January 1, 2013

i write this from a bus seat, somewhere in the middle of new jersey, ellie goulding “anything could happen” on my ipod. a good new year’s song if there ever was one. i’m zooming toward new york city. but before the confetti flutters, here are my ten commandments for 2013.

notice I did not say resolutions. resolutions are for cat people. and people who are ninnies. this is 2013, i will be no one’s ninny. check out resolution 7 for more.

hearye! hearye! lo! my ten commandments for the new year, 2013

1. planes, trains and automobiles
be it by bus or by tractor or by redeye flight, i will travel. specifically to spend more quality time with friends and family. yes, grandma, i would ride a tractor to wisconsin to see you.

2. no more shoes.
seriously girl. how many is too many?

3. save some
money, that is. related to number 2.

4. make some
dinner that is. cereal and/or handfuls of almond m&m’s do not a well-rounded meal make. and i have all sorts of kitchen gadgets to learn to use.

5. definition please?
i will not let men (or women for that matter) define my level of happiness. my satisfaction is not like the terrorism alert level- it shall not rise or fall based upon a few crazy men.

6. shoes again. this time of the dancing variety.
kick up your heels, dancing queen. busting a move in the kitchen the other night made me way too happy. shall do that more often. shoes or no.

7. stand up
don’t like it? say so. not happy? share. i will be heard. ninny no more.

8. go green
keep that plant alive. please?

9. turn the page
read more often. us weekly does not count. but can you believe kim/kanye are having a baby?!

10. be
happy. serene. exuberant. regal. tall. smart. be the best year ever. it’s hereby resolved.

may your 2013 be.

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