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all you need is love…and a munchkin

December 6, 2012

i knew i was loved.

mom made the best grilled cheese, toasted golden brown with crisco, hot from aunt o’s sacred pan.  she stirred my chocolate malt instant breakfasts just right, so they were frothy and smooth.  when we’d trudge in from the garage after a long day of school and soccer practice, the smell of a home cooked meal brightened our faces.

grandma r perfected party punch- especially the green concoction she’d serve up on st. patrick’s day.  and her “pupcorn” is second to none.  though i never understood why there were pickles in her tuna salad, she understood the power of a theme party.

grandma b knows just the way to steam broccoli.  seriously.  her pie crusts are “short” and flaky.  she makes a mean mashed potato and introduced me to ham loaf. when i visit, i know it won’t be 2.4 seconds before my face is devouring her homemade chex mix.

but it’s not just the family times.  the meals enjoyed round the table at home.  or the from-scratch specialties.  grandpa r would pop by on saturdays with dried apricots and those paper dot candies and buckets of fried chicken or munchkins from dunkin’ donuts.  grandpa b introduced us to stinky cheese and potato pancakes and gizzards.  dad once made a grilled cheese “jump rope” in the microwave.   and sarah is world-renowned for her ooey gooey good chocolate chip cookies.  i am the master of frozen coke slushies (stick a can of coke in the freezer).

growing up, i knew i was loved because i had clothes on my back, a roof over my head and food in my tummy.  i knew i was loved because meals were times of togetherness and talking with our mouths full and tummy-aching laugh fests.

so it’s no wonder i feel “at home” inside a dunkin’ donuts- where i’ve spent the past three mornings as i’m on doughnut duty for our office.  the smell of sugary, syrupy glaze and the warmth of yeasty dough makes my world right.  i know i’m ok.  i know my day will be fine.  i know i’m loved.


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