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the only way i know (and a penguin just for fun)

November 10, 2012

this is what i had for breakfast:

that would be high fiber cinnamon bun oatmeal (lamez) with a side of jason aldean “that’s the only way i know” on repeat.  i have a thing for fiber.  and country music babes.

this is what the homeless man outside cvs had for breakfast:




that’s a big bowl of nothing.

this is me walking like a penguin:

don’t really ask questions about that.

i am thankful that i have a roof over my head and clothes to put on my body and a job that pays the bills plus some.  i am thankful for high fiber oatmeal and zero calorie powerade.  i cannot imagine what it is like to have to rely on every stranger that passes you by on the street to provide your every meal.  there’s a homeless man that stands outside cvs, selling newspapers.  this morning, as i was doing my best to avoid eye contact with him, he asked me if i could buy him a dr. pepper.  i twirled around, looked him in the eyes, and said “i can do that.”  so i did.  i bought him two dr. peppers and a box of blueberry nutrigrain bars.  i paid for my things, thankful for a paycheck direct deposited into my bank account, and took him the two sodas and box of bars.

“i’m not sure if you like granola bars but i figured if you didn’t, you could share,” i explained to him.

“i’m just hungry,” he replied.

i am thankful for a choice, a pantry stocked with poptarts and bagel thins and silly high fiber cinnamon bun oatmeal.  i get to open the cupboards and pick out what to eat.  the man outside cvs gets blueberry nutrigrain bars because i say so.

this is not mean to be some pat-on-the-back, saintly story of what a wonderful person i am.  there are plenty of days i keep my eyes fixed on the concrete when i walk into cvs and do not pick up snacks for the homeless.  sometimes, i’ll admit, i even wonder why they don’t just get a job.  other days i wonder how they got to this point.  but it’s not up to me.

what is up to me, however, is to help in whatever way i can.  a box of nutrigrain bars here, a smile there, a cup of coffee when it’s cold.  because as jason aldean would say, “that’s the only way i know.”



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  1. November 11, 2012 8:38 pm

    you’re the most saintly penguin I know!

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