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the black and blues

November 3, 2012

a frozen ball of homemade pizza dough and two frozen, rotten bananas for baking.

i was having one of those skippy, dippy days when you feel like the entire power of sun and moon shines on you.  i was really good at my job this week and bouncing through my friday, feeling like i was actually making a difference in my students’ lives.  i was mentally giving myself a pat of my professional back.  i was back in my gym routine and loving running again.  well, love may be a strong word.  but i was powering through and i felt good about myself. i was looking forward to an evening on the town at an event at a fun bar, sponsored by my alma mater.  i even bought a great new dress.  and then i missed a step.

no, i didn’t forget to condition my hair or apply my foundation or deodorize.  i missed a step because i was bounding down them, toward the gym of all places.  i fell to the concrete landing of my apartment’s stairwell, a little dazed.  i righted my right foot and felt a searing, shooting pain, emanating from my ankle.  women’s health magazine and ipod in hand, i steadied myself and told myself i would trudge on.  i was born in the midwest, after all.  we survive stuff like this.

ten minutes later, i had hobbled back up the stairs and removed my sneaker and wedged it between a frozen ball of homemade pizza dough and two black, frozen bananas.  it was all i had.

i canceled my plans for the evening.  threw my new lbd (with leather accents!) deep into my closet and sulked.  i am 27-years-old and i’m bedridden on a friday night!  i have a new dress that i won’t be wearing tonight!  i wanted to go see the lichtenstein exhibit and now alllllllll my dreams are dashed!  how am i ever going to meet mr. charm!  i have things to do, art to see, clothes to buy, champagne to sip, and now i can’t!

i am thankful it’s only a sprain.  i am thankful for health insurance and accessible health care.  i am thankful for being able to hop in a cab and see a doctor.  i am thankful for the ability to walk and bound and even fall.  but today, more than anything, i am thankful for frozen, homemade pizza dough and icy, blackened bananas.

and i’m thankful for a cvs across the street, with shelves full of real ice packs.

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