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a real flap

October 26, 2012

when i was little i was obsessed with amelia earhart.  and when i wasn’t obsessed with amelia earhart i was obsessed with anne frank.  and when i wasn’t obsessed with anne frank i was obsessed with pilgrims.  and when i wasn’t obsessed with pilgrims i was obsessed with flappers.

real cool cat, i was.

i can’t figure out how to be amelia earhart for halloween.  being anne frank just doesn’t seem right.  and i was already a pilgrim.  twice.  so i’m dressing as a flapper for the most fabulous of halloween parties i’m hosting on saturday night.  and how do you flap?

i think you take a sparkly dress

and then you add some sassy lips {revlon matte lipstick in wine not}

plus some sort of sparkly headgear and a boa.  where does one find a boa these days?  girl can buy booze.  but no boa.  prohibition really has its priorities backwards.

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  1. October 26, 2012 2:27 pm

    Ooo, I did Amelia Earhart for a party once. Then I got distracted by the big mustaches at the costume store and decided to add one – hilarious, but kind of random. 🙂

    I just used some skinny leg khakis and a fake shealring coat I found on clearance for $10. If you can find or make one of those little leather caps and some goggles, you’re pretty much good.

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