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so long, farewell!

October 25, 2012

i’m doing something i haven’t done in far too long.  i’m taking a vacation.

but i’m not heading to the sunny islands (which are currently not so sunny thanks to hurricane sandy.  thank jeepers i didn’t take a real vacation).  and i’m not in paris, wearing a beret and shopping dior.  i’m not even at sarah’s apartment snuggling with her pooch.

after work today, i am going home.  to sit on my couch.  maybe i’ll even treat myself to a nap.  or a salad from sweetgreen.  but there is one thing i most certainly will not be doing.  and that is lacing up my sneaks and hitting the gym.  because i, jenny the wannabe couch potato, am on a gym vacation.

it became a chore.  something i dreaded.  even when plied by trashy magazines, i didn’t want to go.  so i’m not.  i’m taking a week to myself, to find my center, or maybe even a new passion (polishing rocks anyone?).  i will not feel bad about skipping the gym.  no, no, no, i will not feel bad.  not even a little.  because i’m wearing a beret and shopping dior.  and nobody feels bad when they’re shopping dior.


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