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feeling foggy

October 23, 2012

i think i’m in a fog of depression.

  • work is super intense right now as we are in the thick of college application season.  kids are constantly freaking out in my office, which makes me want to grab my candy dish full of reese’s pb cups and cower under my desk, shrieking.  the shrieking would help.  the peanut butter cups would just give me a tummy ache.
  • i’m also completing my vegetarian challenge.  and let me tell you, it is h-a-r-d being a normal, social person and trying to eat out with friends while maintaining my vegetarianism.  i have been eating a lot of chicken-less salads.  not exactly the most well-rounded or healthy of vegetarian cuisine.
  • to make matters worse, i had the best weekend ever and i get sad thinking of all the fun weekends i could have if all my friends lived in the same place.  wahhhh.

so it’s back to work i go.  before i eat a vegetable souffle and flip through facebook photos reminiscing about my wonderful weekend.  it’s a work-induced, veggie-sustained, happiness-deprived fog.

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