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October 19, 2012

some days are why days.  they’re thursdays or sundays or middle-of-the-afternoon mondays, they’re all why days.  as in, why can’t i just be beyonce and run the world?  why can’t this arm jiggle go away even after i do seventy-thousand push-ups/pull-ups/reaching for reese’s cups?  as in, why can’t everyone be nice to each other?  and why can’t all of my friends live within a 22 mile radius?  why can’t i love my job with every ounce of my being?  and why don’t people boys call me?  why can’t i have it all and make my bed, too?

as in, why do i even bother?

but i know the answer.

why?  because.

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  1. notorious permalink
    October 19, 2012 2:24 pm

    Why?……Because I am a dancer.. (from a SNL John Belushi skit wherein he portrayed an old Belushi visiting the graves of former SNL people and in the end asks WHY he survived and the other did not….he says “Because I am a dancer” and proceeds to dance in the cemetary. You had to be there. Notorious Go Packers

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