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girl on fire

October 11, 2012

it’s amazing how productive i can be with a good cup of french press {starbuck’s blonde roast, obvi}, some killer tunes rocking in the background {more ellie goulding please} and sweatpants keeping me warm as i work from home {just like the good ole days}.

so far this morning i’ve…

  • run 3 miles and tortured myself with my first pilates class in farrrrrr too long.
  • hit up cvs to redeem a $4.50 coupon.  that blonde roast i mentioned?  yeah, i basically got it for free.  kind of.
  • showered, exfoliated, blow-dried, moisturized and chewed up a flintstone’s vitamin.
  • hosted a private dance party.  it’s the attitude and sass of the ellie goulding album.  i can’t help it.
  • snagged a super cute, super steal of a blazer from urban chic.  because that’s what i am.  urban and chic.
  • and most important?  whipped up two, two-page counselor recommendations for my little kiddos.
  • even more important?  i managed to weave a hunger games reference into one of the recommendation letters.  if that doesn’t get a kid into college, i don’t know what will.

this girl’s on fire.  and so are the tunes…back to the dance party!

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  1. October 11, 2012 8:21 pm

    So is the second Goulding album as good as the first? I’ve been wondering. Also, pilates is torture, especially when you’re trying to fake actually having abs…went the other night and I feel like I was murdered. Three times. In a row.

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