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a matter of taste

October 9, 2012

i once learned in sociology class that a baby’s tastes are formed in utero, based on what the mom consumes while she’s pregnant.  in my head this makes sense.  and it accounts for my obsession with reese’s peanut butter cups.  or so i like to think.

this weekend i had a serious hankering for one of my all-time favorite family dishes: egg bake.  it’s a simple egg casserole that grandma would bring over, still warm from her oven, for us to eat every christmas morning, gathered around our tiny little kitchen table.  it’s just eggs and milk and cheese and croutons but it takes me back to those christmas mornings.  though i learned that tastes are formed before birth, i’d like to argue on the contrary.  my tastes were formed by tradition.

it just so happens there’s an egg bake waiting for me in my fridge.  and it tastes like home.

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