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me and my calvins

September 26, 2012

a former flame gifted me with a calvin & hobbes anthology for my birthday one year.  i was confused- i’d never read calvin & hobbes before in my life.  i couldn’t have distinguished calvin from hobbes if i tried.  and i didn’t try.  because i thought it was one of the most thoughtless gifts i’d ever received.  clearly this guy didn’t know me.

and then i called my mom tonight and while i wandered the blocks surrounding my apartment building we talked about the beautiful weather.  “i wonder why fall feels different than spring,” she wondered,”the temperature is the same but it feels so different.”  she’s got a point.  and, after reading that silly comic book gifted to me years ago, i recognized it as a sort of calvin & hobbes-ian question.  so here’s an equally simple but poetic and quirky answer:

maybe my ex wasn’t so off.  maybe i have a little tiger/youngster brain inside my head.  maybe i see the world differently.  maybe i ponder things unpondered by others and ask questions that have no answers.  maybe i am a little calvin & hobbes.  maybe i am my mom.



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