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not your granny’s

August 28, 2012

proof i am an old granny:

i lay out my outfits the night before work, shoes and all.

i am usually in bed before 9 p.m. unless i have running practice or i’m busy stuffing raw chocolate chip cookie dough into my mouth by the light of the fridge.

i watch terrible television.  alllll the live long day…until my bedtime.

i tend to complain a lot.  that’s gotta stop.

and i am over the moon for these luna fiber bars.  you know, cuz old people love their fiber.

but these are not just bars for old people.  these are awesomely funky, amazingly yummy bars that just happen to have fiber in them.  have i said that word enough yet?  you know, fiber?

anyway.  go out.  drive really slowly.  dye your hair blue.  cluck something about “kids these days.”  i don’t care.  but buy some of these luna fiber bars (especially the strawberry peanut butter).


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