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the simple life

August 13, 2012

i like to think i’m very complex.  i devour vogue magazine every month.  i have more nail polish colors in my bathroom than my local cvs.  i bleach my hair blonde and belong to a snazzy gym that pumps techno tunes and serves up protein shakes.  but.  yesterday 2 friends and i packed up an suv and drove an hour into the northern virginia countryside, just off skyline drive.  we plunked down $21 and plopped our behinds in the center of plastic inflatable tubes on the shenandoah river for a relaxing 4 hour float.  with nothing but a super soaker ball, granola bars and curious thoughts in our mind, we idled in the lazy river.

famished, we stopped at a local burger shack for lunch.  in the city my lunch consists of a protein bar and yogurt.  in the country i order up chocolate custard with marshmallow sauce and reese’s peanut butter cups.  blame it on the sunshine or the cows moo’ing just off the river, but i feel a little bit more free with grass between my toes and sunburn on my nose.  though re-energized, these city girls weren’t ready for the open road just yet.  so we swerved into a local stand advertising hams! information! pancakes! apple butter!  they did have all that and more…including that comforting feeling that these people are truly content living a simple life.  the floors squeeked, the tables in the diner were a little grimy, and the cashier was doing double duty as wine tasting table tenant.

knick-knacks in tow, we hit the road.  for five miles.  until we just had to make another pit stop at a berry patch we’d seen on our way to the river.  a lady wearing tie-dye and lipliner, standing in a wooden barn put pint-sized berry baskets in our hands and sent us into the patch to pick, prick and be country.  i skipped away.  when was the last time you skipped to do anything?  let alone manual labor.

the berries bled onto my fingertips.  the sun burned high in the sky.  and the smiles on these three city girls made our cheeks quiver.

forget the bleach, just soak up some sun.  need a workout?  paddle your tube through a still section of the shenandoah.  devour a granola bar and wash it down with some local custard.  for smooth skin, run barefoot through a bramble of berries.

forget being complex.  it’s the simple life that i like.

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