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innovate this

August 8, 2012

as summer reading for work, we were assigned a new book titled “creating innovators: the making of young people who will change the world.”  regardless of my disdain for the book (summer reading?  as a grown-up?  ugh.) and the word “innovator,” i am seriously considering becoming one.  an innovator, that is.  here are things i think i’d be good at innovating…

  • ways to fit 1,532 pairs of shoes and enough handbags to make you blush into a closet in a studio apartment.  they say necessity is the mother of invention.
  • an email filter for high school students.  they would press send and the filter would translate their original text into polished, grammatically correct, coherent prose.  my brain gets dumber every time i read an email from teenagers.  see?!
  • livingsocial/groupon-esque deals on public transportation.  would you like a cab?  would you like to not be ripped off for said cab?  grab a deal, then grab a cab.
  • a babe-licious but not bitchy bar geared toward women.  men get their whiskey dens with dark, lacquered walls and snobby (bitchy) waitstaff, and uncomfortable furniture.  why can’t women have a pretty, perky and polite place to throw a few back?
  • comfortable shapewear/hosiery/high heels.  am i right or am i right?
  • a school where you didn’t have summer reading.

changing the world.  one innovation at a time…

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