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extra! extra!

August 6, 2012

i am having a serious craving.  but ice cream won’t cool me down.  a bag of dorito’s just won’t do.  and i couldn’t care less about a chocolate chip cookie.  i am craving expensive things.

vain?  most definitely.  but neither target nor costco can quell this craving.  i want shoes that are killer.  i want blazers that are literally le smoking.  i want handbags that make those other guys look like a paper bag.  i want dough…not the cookie kind.

i want a clutch that looks like a rhinestone factory blew up all over it (now wouldn’t that be a dream!)

prada raso stones clutch via

i want sunglasses that are weird

stella mccartney sunnies via

and don’t forget the wonka-doodle shoes

chanel shoes via

bonkers?  most definitely.  but this is the type of fashion i crave.  expensive…extravagant…exceptional.

now hand over the chocolate chips.  i’m drooling.



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