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dating is the pits

August 2, 2012

there are a few things in the world that mystify me…

1.) how do they cut avocados into those perfect slices?  mine always end up all mushy and sloppy and i am not a nice person when i’m frustrated and holding a sharp object.

2.) does he like me?

i spent 7 hours and $16 on a first date last night.  and there’s still no guarantee that he even likes me.  or, for that matter, that i even want to see him again.  7 hours and $16 and still no closer to knowing if this is a good thing.  i wish we could all just cut straight to the heart…the pit, i suppose.  do you like me?  do i like you?  what’s your bottom line?  what’s your worst trait?

save me the 7 hours, give me back my $16 and let’s slice it like it is.



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  1. August 2, 2012 2:34 pm

    $16? 7 hours? You’ve got me curious!

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