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July 25, 2012

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


a thousand miles ago, sarah began her journey into the legal world.  i yabbered on and on about how proud grandpa r would have been to have another lawyer in the family.  looking back on the past three years, i know that i’m absolutely spot on.  grandpa r will surely tip his fedora in sarah’s direction as she strides out from the roanoke civic center at the conclusion of today’s bar exam session.  but i think i missed something.  grandpa r wouldn’t just be proud of sarah becoming a lawyer- he’d be proud of her legal education and what it taught her.

stand for something.  or fall for anything.

sarah loves elephants because they are intensely loyal.  but i think her spirit animal should be a tank.  not an animal?  make that an elephant giving a piggyback ride to a hippopotamus, being carried by a t-rex.  sarah won’t be budged.  she knows who she is, and she’s probably not changing for anyone.  except when we talk on the phone and she tells me she wants to dress more like a kardashian.  and those kardashians are always in need of good legal counsel…

always care.

you might think that given sarah’s spirit animal (an eleph-pota-rex?!!) she’d be hard and cold and tough.  she’s not really.  she’s as melty as the inside of one of her fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  she thinks of her friends and family constantly and always wants to make others feel comfortable.  she used to walk dogs at the local animal shelter until her heart broke because she couldn’t take them all home with her.  the law is hard and fast, but it requires heart to understand.  sarah’s got it.

work it.

we may never ace our act’s.  which is why i find it more than a little ironic that i’m working in college counseling.  school didn’t always come easy for me.  now i can’t get inside sarah’s cranium but i do know that she works harder than most law students.  i see it in my dad, my mom, and (on good days) myself- we create these little tricks to compensate for not being natural born brainiacs.  i read constantly and recite my multiplication tables when i run.  it helps me.  sarah’s trick?  she teaches…her law school lessons…to an empty room…with a very dramatic flair.  a legal education isn’t really an education without some learning.  and sarah’s learned how to.

in moderation.

ice cream.  chex mix.  peanut butter.  shopping.  wild, late night dance parties.  i’m an all or nothing sorta gal.  but sarah is so controlled, calculated and precise.  she can have just one.  just a little.  just enough.  law school was a balancing act.  sometimes it was fun and games (remember when sarah played in her first law school football league game?) and then there were times i’d literally sit outside her bedroom door, begging like a puppy, waiting for her to stop studying so we could hang out.  and watch the kardashians.  or host impromptu, interpretive dance parties in our kitchen.  or eat some peanut butter.  just enough fun.

today, sarah’s legal education comes to an end.  we’re all proud of her journey.  but i know she will never stop learning.  grandpa r never did.  but i sure hope she stops talking to herself out loud.

fiesta!  celebrate!  yay!

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