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in between

July 18, 2012

when you’re between jobs, you’re not unemployed, you’re “between opportunities.”  but when you’re between boyfriends, you’re straight up single.  there’s no check box on your tax forms that reads “still searching,” or “confident he’s out there but haven’t found him yet.”

single sounds like death.  it reads lonely and sad and desperate.  as if i spend my every evening watching reruns of ncis, eating frozen food from a box, and slathering eye cream on my puffy lids before slipping into my bed.  as if.  

it may not always be glamorous.  in fact, most of the time it’s not.  it can be lonely and sad but i draw the line at desperate.  i may have to check “single” on my tax forms but i refuse to check the “settling for someone” box.  it’s just not worth it.

because sometimes single can be fun.  you can wear whatever fanciful outfit your haute couture-ish mind dreams up (romper?  why the leaping lizard not?  sting blouse?  well…)  you can stay out late or stay inside your single studio all the live long day.  heck, you can even eat frozen food that comes from a box!  and craft ribbon hair ties for your adult running club.  and watch reruns of ncis that you’ve never seen.

some days i’m single.  ohhh, you don’t have to deny it, you know i have those days.  but today- with the sun shining and my eye lids a little less droopy- i am between opportunities. 

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