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how long to boston?

July 10, 2012

if there’s one thing i like, it’s a good bribe.  i start a new job, i buy myself something.  i survive day one, i splurge on something.  i decide i could go back to work on day 2, i deserve a little treat.  and conveniently enough mecca (a.k.a. tyson’s corner) is on my direct path from point a to point b.  a being work and b being home.  so, after i started my new job, survived day one, and decided i could go back to work on day 2, i decided to stop at tyson’s for a little retail reward.

turns out it’s not a direct path from point a to point b.  there’s a point in between.  and that just so happens to be nordstrom’s handbag department.  but this isn’t any old nordstrom’s handbag department.  there’s no cheesy piano player, surrounded by old men in comfortable chairs, waiting for their wives to pick up another pot of la mer face cream.  this is a swanky nordstrom’s handbag department.  stocked with ysl muse’s, stella mccartney baby bella’s (can you believe that’s not leather?!) and fendi baguettes.  but i only had eyes for one.

the celine mini boston bag.

i’ve wanted this bag since i was little.  and by “little” i mean last year when i could fit into my skinny jeans.  it’s a perfect little boxy bag, in a leather so soft you’d think it’s made from angel clouds.  it’s grown up but punkster fashionistas rock it with leather and lace.  i could buy it now, carry it forever, and pass it along to my daughter and it would still be relevant.  truly, it is the quintessential investment piece.

i hate asking for prices- it feels so crass.  but i had to know.   so i stalked the rachel zoe-sized sales girl and casually asked how much the smallest of the celine bags cost.  “two-thousand,” she responded, as if she were ordering a big mac and fries.

but it’s a mini!  a mini boston bag!  for two thousand dollars!  good thing i didn’t ask how much the large handbag cost.  it would’ve cost more than 4 years worth of my 401k savings.

i walked out of nordstrom empty handed.  but i did go back to work today.  because if there’s one thing i like, it’s a celine mini boston bag- bribery enough to keep me working for the next few years.

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