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hair brained

July 10, 2012

i’ve been thinking about this a lot.  a lot a lot.  i’ve been thinking about the days when i was that girl.  the one who could pull off effortless, girlish tomboy, mischievous charm with just a round brush and some pomade.  i’ve been thinking of short hair and even shorter hair and the shortest hair i’ve ever had.  and i’m starting to think that with each inch of hair that sprouted from my noggin, i’ve gotten farther away from myself.

but you can’t make a sock bun out of a pageboy.  oh, decisions, decisions!

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  1. cleverasaquirk permalink
    July 10, 2012 1:29 pm

    your hair was the ish when it was short! the temptation is always there for me as well…I say, DO IT!!!

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