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america, to me

July 5, 2012

here’s what america is all about (according to me)…

  • america is about freedom.  freedom to vote for who you wish or pray to who you want.  freedom to eat cheese for dinner and do barrel rolls down a hill in the park.  freedom to wake up every morning and go about your life.  freedom to put glitter on your feet and do a happy dance while watching fireworks.
  • america is about appreciation.  appreciation for those who blazed the trail before you, insuring you could dance a happy dance on the 4th of july.  instead of doing some lame waltz that king what’s-his-face made up.  appreciation for the freedoms, the rights, the battles, the triumphs.
  • america is about family.  families made this country.  they endured long, cold winters.  they sacrificed their children.  they make decisions for the better of future generations.  families are the heart of this country.
  • america is about thinking big.  big cars, big mac’s, big dreams.  if it’s not big, it’s not american.
  • america is about hard work.  it took a lot to get here.  men put their necks (and their signatures) on the line.  women fought for their place in the world.  children read, write, ‘rithmetize to make their big american dreams come true.  if we didn’t all get up and work hard, every day, day after day, we probably wouldn’t be here.  or we’d still be british.  and that’s decidedly not what america is about.  according to me.
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  1. Notorious permalink
    July 5, 2012 4:20 pm

    Whatever America is about, the 4th is about wearing bright red Carolina Herrera shorts, grilling burgers /brats/hot dogs, and telling the doggies not to worry about the fireworks. Another 4th party completed…Rock on. –Notorious

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