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the i of the storm

June 30, 2012

first an earthquake.  which i sat through in the basement of the georgetown mall, waiting in line for my d.c. driver’s license at the dmv.  i will never forget the rattling of those cheap, government issued plastic chairs.  and scurrying out from the glassed-in entrance to see sarah fleeing j.crew in an elevator.  i learned a lot about freak weather safety that day.  one, don’t trust the government in times of crisis.  and two, do not get into an elevator.

next i weathered a hurricane.  in fact, i celebrated a wedding and drove through the hurricane to hunker down in my brand new apartment.  with my brand new flashlight- it was the last one on the shelves at the target in spotsylvania, where i stopped on my way up i-395, when i realized that this wasn’t just a passing storm and might, indeed, call for special equipment.  i firmly believed the earth was trying to reject me from d.c.  if an earthquake and hurricane couldn’t evict me, then i guess nothing could…until yesterday.

yesterday was hot.  but you already know that.  what you might not know, however, is that d.c. broke a record set in 1934.  we measured in at a whopping 104 degrees yesterday- beating the previous mark of 102.  the entire city was sweating.  and not the pretty, glistening kind.  it was an ugly day.  which got even uglier as i tucked myself into bed last night.

wind shears of between 60 and 80 miles-per-hour tore through the capitol.  my building swayed under the force (at least in my head it did).  i watched out my window as rain pummeled the side of my building.  i watched out my window as my neighbor across the alley watched out her window.  we all watched it come straight for us.  some lost power.  others lost tree limbs.  the mexican restaurant across the street lost a baby (tree) and their garbage can.

i’m not sure what all this means.  maybe 2012 is the end of the world.  maybe d.c. is trying to spit me out.  maybe it’s all just a wonky mixed up world.  but i do know one thing.  i’m weathering the storm.

{p.s. sarah?  you alive out there, buddy?  are you reading about constitutional law by candlelight?  fingers crossed you’re a-ok.}

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  1. cleverasaquirk permalink
    June 30, 2012 2:26 pm

    Oh my! I’m glad you’re OK!
    We only got a 5 minute portion of that storm last night…just some fallen branches. Nothing like several days ago when trees were down and we had no electricity for 10+ hours.

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