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fear itself

June 28, 2012

i figured it out.  there’s only one thing we’re all afraid of.  it’s not black cats or walking under ladders.  it’s not that creak in the middle of the night.  or the sketchy neighbor next door.  and it’s not even death itself.  we’re all afraid of dying alone.

why else would we try so hard to meet somebody?  online dating and speed dating and blind dating and dating the wrong people.  it’s all supposed to lead us to “the one.”  the one that we spend the rest of our life with.  the one that’s there for us when times are tough and we need another person to comfort us and tell us we don’t look fat in those leopard print skinny jeans.  maybe that last one’s just for me…

why else would we try so hard to create a family?  people visit fertility clinics and adopt children from halfway around the world.  they mend relationships with people who have been toxic to their happiness.  they deal with years of dirty diapers and throw-up-stained rags, because 18 years later that little human will finally be capable of caring for others.  like playing the stock market, we invest in others, hoping that one day our investment will pay us back. we want to be surrounded by people we love, and who will love us back.

facebook.  the internet.  picture frames.  christmas cards.  black cats.  they’re all good for one thing, assuaging our singular fear.  they let us know we’ll never be alone.

and whether or not we actually look good in those leopard print skinny jeans.


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