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mrs. kennedy and me

June 27, 2012

i’m having a serious kennedy moment.

a few weeks ago (post-rurally screwedpre-wizard of oz) i read stephen king’s newest 11/22/63.  it’s a sort of what if? fantasy novel about a man who finds a rabbit hole through time and goes back to stop the assassination of president kennedy.  i am a total geek for historical fiction and love me a good suspenseful mystery and i whipped through the 800-something pager in about a week.

i’m back at it.  this time i’m reading mrs. kennedy and me, the autobiography of clint hill, the secret service agent assigned to mrs. kennedy.  he travelled with her (so far, to paris, greece, italy, london, pakistan and india), shopped worth avenue in palm beach for her christmas presents for her family and even attended state dinners, always her watchful eye.  story goes, though i haven’t gotten there yet, he was the secret service agent tailing the kennedy’s motorcade as they made their way through dallas on that day, 11/22/63.

serious kennedy moment?  i’d say so.  but unlike theirs, i hope mine has a happy ending.

mrs. kennedy at the taj mahal, via

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