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do happy

June 27, 2012

this is how we do happy.

and other little gems.

by moi

when the question is “do you want ice cream?  with peanut butter sauce?  and hot fudge?  and little, yummy pb cups?”  the answer is always yes.  unless you have a sports illustrated swimsuit cover shoot the next morning.

chompers’ first oscars’ pb cup sundae.

you can always go home.  even when it’s not technically your home any more.  i understand some nice people bought it from us fair and square, but it’s still mine.  {sorry.  is that first-child syndrome?}

shower those you love with love.  and love is chocolate cake.  and fine, handmade presents.

remy's swanky blankie

remy’s swanky blankie.

teach your parents the merits of call me, maybe.  they like feeling cool.  and you won’t be alone dancing in the car.

learn something.  every day.  even though you’re not being forced.  it’s good for your brain and your soul.

that’s the national archives. otherwise known as the final resting place of the declaration of independence, constitution and bill of rights.

soak it all up- grandma’s life advice, summer sunshine, and all that jazz.

my little corner of happy.

 and that, my friends, is happy.  and that’s what i do.

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