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was, is, always

June 20, 2012

today i go home.  

home to family dinners around a cozy table.  home to breakfast at the kitchen counter- and that darned corner cabinet that sarah always bonked her noggin into.  home to hearing dad sputtering along elm grove road in his old car.  home to napkin checks and prayers before dinner and doggies lapping up scraps underneath the table.

home to a christmas tree in the family room.  home to waking up in the morning to hear mom unloading the dishwasher {keep it down!}.  home to fighting over the heat vent underneath the counters after a romp in the snow.  home to sliding the entire length of the kitchen/family room in tube socks and jumping onto the couch.

home to four poster beds.  home to the light post out front.  home to sleeping with the windows open to hear the bank clock across the street turning over every minute.  home to denim walls and spooky attics and hardwood floors that froze your piggy toes in the winter.

home to homemade swing sets that rock and creak.  home to leaf piles.  home to testing out our new birthday bikes in the parking lot out back.  home to crabapple trees and raspberry patches and a failed attempt at sunflowers.

this was my home.  this is my home.  this will always be my home.  even when it’s not my home any more.

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