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June 18, 2012

i go to adam’s morgan for one thing: dancing.  ok, two things: tryst.  and mellow mushroom.  so i go to adam’s morgan for a few reasons.  but my favorite of all is ladies’ night.  we enjoy rooftop cocktails, apartment dance parties, champagne/starburst/cheese trays, and then take our party to the streets.  this weekend’s theme was “call me, maybe.”  don’t ask.

i decided to take my new rebecca minkoff mini 5-zip m.a.c. bag {courtesy of one sarah} for a twirl on ladies’ night.  if there’s one thing women appreciate, more than cheese trays and cheesy pop music, it’s a great bag.  inside each rebecca minkoff bag is a cheeky little card from “vincent” and it reads:

call me



thanks to the popularity of “call me, maybe,” this summer’s love song, people are gettin’ all wild and making business cards with their phone number that urge the object of their affection to call them, maybe?  so the six of us ladies bounced from bar to bar, zig-zagging down 18th street, requesting “call me, maybe” at every d.j. booth in adam’s morgan.  and then i reached for my iphone and noticed a shiny business card in the bottom of my bag.  “call me,” it said.  my heart pitter-pattered, my tummy flipped.  did some secret suitor slip his digits into my purse undetected?

absolutely not.

i didn’t call “vincent.”  because i’m already smitten- with summer and ladies’ night and adam’s morgan adventures and cheese plates.  and my new rebecca minkoff bag.

oh, and this rebecca minkoff rendition of “call me, maybe.”

maybe next time…

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  1. June 18, 2012 6:31 pm

    I’m obsessed with the bag, the song, the video, and that BABY! So adorable…

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