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something is not right

June 14, 2012

i awoke with a start at 3:30 a.m.  a flashing light across my studio apartment caught my sleeping eye, which buzzed into my brain in the middle of a rem cycle, to alert my every goosebump, and start my frontal cerebral cortex running.  something is not right.

i was convinced that spiderman had sneaked/shimmied/walked his way up to the rooftop balcony and was plotting my imminent demise as he obscured the moonlight, creating shadows and flashing lights in my apartment.  i walked to the window {a gutsy move, if i do say so myself} and peeked up at the rooftop.  nothing.

nothing that my untrained eye could detect.  the flickering had stopped, and there was no evidence of a midnight marauder on the rooftop, but those who maraud at midnight are sneaky.  so i made my way back to bed.  as i lay there, in the glow of the television, eyes darting from screen to screened window, i realized something really scary.

i am alone.

who do you call at 3:30 a.m. when you fear you’re burglar bait?  if only the ghostbusters actually existed.  who would notice if i went missing and didn’t show up to work at home the next day?  this reminds me that i need to stop running in rock creek park.  and i need to form a sort of single girl phone tree, just to make sure everyone’s alive and kickin’ come morning light.

i used to think that the hardest part of being a single girl was putting your bed back together after laundry day.  now i realize it’s just as hard putting your head back together after you convince yourself spiderman is set to swing into your studio apartment.  but someone’s gotta keep it together.  and in this studio apartment, that someone is me.

**editor’s note: i live in a very, very safe building.  with alarms and steel doors and a doorman and buttons and drawbridges.  don’t even try to get in here.

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  1. Notorious permalink
    June 14, 2012 7:41 pm

    Maybe you need a visit from Bandit who has a well deserved rep for being both a good dog, and a dog that likes human limbs. -Notorious

  2. June 16, 2012 9:40 pm

    I mean if someone is going to break in, would Spidey be SO terrible?

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