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do you hear what i hear?

June 4, 2012

the street car clanked down the track.  from my room overlooking saint charles avenue, i could hear the steel wheels grinding to life on the metal bars outside my hotel.  just last night, i thought to myself, i had been a passenger on one of the cars.  crammed to its gills the street car clanked down the track carrying one bride, one groom, and as many happy revelers as the traditional mode of new orleans transportation could carry.  we leaned out the windows, grazing fingers with tourists on the street.  the bride saluted another newlywed outside of a hotel on our path.  last night seemed like a fairy tale- a beautiful girl in a pretty dress, a castle with a wrought iron fence under heavy guard, gentlemen in funny suits, and a chariot waiting to take us all far, far away.

new orleans is other worldly.  with its own unique customs and laws and social code.  it’s almost unreal.  but for the street car clanking down saint charles avenue bringing me back to earth, i would have thought my trip to new orleans was too fantastic to be rooted in reality.  it did happen.  i did celebrate tricia’s big day (and she was a beautiful girl in a pretty dress).  i did indulge in king cake and bourbon milk punch in a historic manse in the garden district.  gentlemen clad in seersucker and sherbet-colored suits graced the dance floor.  and yes, a street car shuttled us from the elegance of the garden district into the heart of the hedonic french quarter.

there was sunshine and bubbly and frosting.  there were parasols and blooms.  cutting of cakes and cutting of rugs.  giggling and twirling and celebrating.  it was a real life fairy tale love story.  i know because i can still hear the clanking of the street cars.

the club where the wedding reception was hosted

the bride leading us to her waiting street car

is this real life?

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