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rhinestone’s rules

June 1, 2012

my rules: how to {single girl} sparkle through tricia’s nuptials

by: yours truly

1.  smile like a crazy person.  just keep smiling.  if you’re not smiling you should be swilling champagne or checking your teeth for lipstick.

2.  only one piece of cake.

3.  do the diva pose in all pictures.  it may be high maintenance but it also makes you look hella good on facebook.

4.  rock that frock.  it’s the perfect mix of sass and class.  just what every new orleans wedding calls for.

5.  this is new orleans- it is a marathon, not a sprint.  remember that when picking footwear, piling your plate, and popping bubbly.

6.  ok, maybe you will need two pieces of cake.  but that’s where i draw the line.  seriously jenny.

7.  take pictures.  they’re timeless.  just like marriage and friendship.

8.  hold your head high.  you may not be new orleans high society.  but you belong here.  the invite says so.

9.  meet some of tricia’s doctor friends.  grandma will approve.

10.  dance.

11.  don’t be jealous.  be hopeful.  her moment is now.  yours is later.

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