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keep on, keeping up

May 15, 2012

working from home is such a blessing.  i can wear gym clothes all day (check).  i can eat handfuls of chocolate chips at 10 a.m.  i can blast carrie underwood’s new album.  and i can indulge one of my guilty pleasures by watching both hour-long specials of keeping up with the kardashians: kim’s fairy tale wedding.  

why is this a blessing?  well, i save myself from having to do laundry and plan multiple outfits with matching socks and clean underwear and stuff.  and i get to delight in watching the spectacle that was one of the biggest media circuses of a wedding, with the 20/20 vision that hindsight always affords.  i think we all knew that kim and kris were destined to fail.  i think we all knew the union was as garish and outlandish as the rock sitting on miss kardashian’s ring finger.  i think we all knew that 72 days later the marriage would crumble like a piece of day old wedding cake.  i think we all knew.  but boy is it fun to watch.  she did have 4 vera wang wedding gowns!

and so, as i gear up to board a plane to the other l.a. for my roommate’s nuptials this weekend, let’s recap the wedding that was too big to fail.  the relation-ship that could not sink.  the cere-money that transcended the definition of a wedding and made getting married a spectator sport.  i spectated, and relived those glorious memories, from the comfort of my desk chair today.  ahhh!  the bliss of working from home.  too bad this arrangement is coming to an end- faster than a kardashian divorce.

the sisters via

sorry sarah but i’ll be the only girl wearing white on my wedding day.  though it does make a pretty portrait…but why would you want family photos from your failed marriage around your house anyway?

i think this picture speaks for itself.  kris seems surprised they’ve even made it to the cake cutting.  t-minus 71 days until you’ll wish you’d smashed the cake in her face and made a beeline for the beverly hills.

in the episode, kris jenner takes a “week off of life” to get a facelift before kim’s big day.  if mom even so much as sleeps a wink past 8 hours of zzz’s every night in the months leading up to my wedding, i will certainly go ballistic.  all attention on me!  shouldn’t mrs. kardashian jenner be working on the seating chart or making sure the prenup is airtight or paying paparazzi to mysteriously show up everywhere she goes?

i guess it’s hard work keeping up with the kardashians…

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