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possibly impossible

May 8, 2012

i have always been awe-inspired by prada.  the quirk.  the class.  the retro sass.  the commitment to fashion as statement.  the bodysuits and flame throwing shoes and italian leather.  it speaks to me.  it’s no surprise then that my favorite lipstick, nars’ “schiap”, is named for another famous italian fashion fire bomb.  elsa schiaperelli rivals chanel for most popular fashion designer between the world wars.  her signature “le shocking” pink is still a fashion statement today- and the inspiration behind my lipstick du jour.  like miuccia prada, schiaperelli used surrealist notes in her designs.  she was a little bit wonky.  that makes for great fashion.  and a great met gala.

last night’s met gala marked the public opening of this year’s costume institute exhibition. prada and schiaperelli: impossible conversations pairs two women, two signature styles, and two unique takes on fashion.

i may not make it to the met to see the exhibit with my own two eyes.  but i did make it home from the gym in time to settle in with my microwave dinner and watch the livestream of the gala’s red carpet.  the quirk.  the sass.  the retro class.  the red carpet lived up to the legacies of these two great women in fashion.  prada and schiaperelli should be proud.

claire danes in j. mendel

people used to say i looked like claire danes.  i hated it.  but i don’t hate this dress.

kirsten dunst in rodarte

this is a love/hate thing.  i love it, but i hate it.

bianca brandolini d’adda in dolce & gabbana

going for the gold?  absolutely.  though this dress and cape ensemble must have weighed as much as ms. d’adda herself.

gwyneth paltrow in prada

last but not least: gwyneth in mini prada.  awe-inspiring indeed.

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