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wish you were here

May 7, 2012

so you couldn’t make it to graduation?  well, pull up a seat.  because i’ve got video of all the weekend’s festivities.  and you don’t even have to get rained on (like we did).

sarah gets her walking stick

tradition goes that the walking stick was awarded only to third year law students, back in the day when many students only spent 2 years in law school.  the third years were distinguished because of their intense commitment to their legal studies.  they were the smarties.  and so they got walking sticks, that they wielded when wandering campus, to set them apart.  sarah needs no help standing out- she’s the pretty blonde in the blue peplum (!) dress.

got the giggles

sarah was certainly in good spirits graduation morning.  and her girlish giggle brightened up the gray skies.  see for yourself:

the big moment

sarah graduates!  and doesn’t trip or fall over the stage!  and makes it back to her seat, diploma in hand, while i dart and dive to get a good shot of her beaming smile.

and so the fiesta begins

it’s party time!

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