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dear to me

May 5, 2012

dear jenny,

first things first, thanks for a great year.  you’ve done some pretty fantabulous things with the past 365 days.  you’ve come as close to starting a new life as one can without entering the witness protection program or having a baby.  and those are things that we’ll save for another year.  or not.

now on to my main message.  though it was a great year, i just have this feeling that 27 can be even better, maybe even the best, if you follow these little rules/suggestions/reminders:

  • wear more high heels.  because now’s the time.  same goes for jorts, miniskirts, bikinis and headbands.  though for very different reasons.
  • take more pictures.  might i remind you it’s why you got a camera for your 25th.  that and because you’d dropped your last camera in a mud pit.
  • stay in touch.  call friends when you’re waiting in that wraparound line in the grocery store.  jot a short love poem to your buds up in nyc when you’re feeling blue.  post on someone’s facebook wall when you think of them.
  • let go.  so he did you wrong?  she cut you off?  he’s wearing stripes with plaid?  and you didn’t make it to the gym?  breathe.  breathe.  breathe.  repeat.
  • you can do it.  things you can do include: running another half marathon in under 1:30, getting your badonkadonk back in your skinny jeans, baking a knockout cherry pie, and sleeping in past noon on a sunday.
  • enjoy this.  yes, this.  sitting at home on your birthday eve in your pj’s.  because the here and now should be enjoyed…for the next 365 days.



(your #1 fan)

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  1. Notorious permalink
    May 6, 2012 4:20 am

    How can Jenny be your #1 fan……..That is the job of Notorious and Mrs. Notorious. You are correct about one thing….27 Rocks. -Notorious

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