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easter feaster: by the numbers

April 9, 2012

10,000,000:  percent i love easter more than any other holiday.

27:  cinnamon graham cracker & purple marshmallow lamb s’more pieces.  the most fabulous easter experiment.

12:  eggs in grandma’s famous egg bake.

7:  hours worked at urban chic this weekend.

6:  tourists we dodged on our morning walks around the white house/ww2 memorial/lincoln memorial.

3:  o’clock on friday, when mom and dad landed at dca.

2:  shades of lipstick that prepped my pout this weekend.  red (with chambray shirt and black/white striped high-waisted skirt saturday) and fuchsia (with yellow/green/white peplum top and black skirt for easter church)

1:  remaining fork leftover in my silverware drawer.  and that’s all i needed for my breakfast of lamb cake head this morning!

0:  energy remaining in my tank this morning as i tried to roll out of bed.  i used my sloth-like maneuvers to slowly ease into the day.

-10,000,000:  amount i care that kim kardashian is dating kanye west.

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  1. Notorious permalink
    April 10, 2012 2:27 am

    Number of lamb cakes at the home of Notorious….0 I am so depressed. –Notorious

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