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the magic year, in one month

April 5, 2012

i’m 26 and 11 months old today.  using my abacus and long division i’ve deciphered that means i’ll be 27 in one month.  notorious claims that 27 is the magical year.  and to celebrate, i’m forming a girl posse.  for my magic year, these are the peeps i wanna roll with.  watch out iris, taylor, gwyneth, brooklyn, “man repeller” and jenna.  i’m coming for you.

the inimitable iris apfel:

ok, so she’s certifiably old.  but she just did a collaboration with mac cosmetics.  and look at those jewels.  and those glasses.  certifiably old.  but certifiably awesome.

taylor tomasi hill: downtown cool, with an uptown wardrobe

the marie claire editor has a wardrobe that is unrivaled.  she wears high end clothes without an air of priss or elitism.  and she wears a lot of spikes, which every girl posse needs.

she needs no introduction:

if i need to explain why gwyneth is a member of my girl posse, then you need your head checked.  and you need to read this blog more often.

what every girl gang needs:

an athlete’s wife/supermodel.  duh.  brooklyn decker (in jealous rage-inducing stella mccartney) is my pick.

a man repeller.  really.  that’s what she calls herself.

she dresses for herself and no one else.  and she has ignited a burning desire inside my soul to buy a pair of high top sneakers (whyyyyyyy?).  so she gets to join and style the girl posse.

and finally, jenna lyons because she steals my $$$.

fine.  i shill over my hard-earned, oft-stolen money willingly every time i check out at j.crew.  but it’s jenna lyons’ fault for reading my mind and making clothes that so perfectly fit my dream life.  so i’m straight up forcing her into the girl posse.  no choice.

wanna join my girl posse?  wanna have the most fun year of your life?  wanna do wacky things like pair stripes with gingham with ikat?  are you a girl?  if you answered yes to all of the above, you may hereby submit applications to the girl posse.  i’ll again use my abacus and long division to decide if you’re in.  i’ll be in touch.

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