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going bananas

March 30, 2012

jenny is afraid of…

a.)  someone sneaking into her apartment under cover of darkness (which i feared was happening last night)

b.)  bikini season

c.)  madonna’s burly biceps

d.)  stinky, rotten, black bananas

e.)  all of the above

i may actually be jealous of madonna’s biceps.  but that’s neither here nor there.  i do know, however, that stinky bananas scare the pants off me.  so it’s a good thing i had a serious hankering for some banana bread yesterday.  a lenten approved, honey banana bread, in fact.  and the super cool thing about this honey banana bread?  it yields one bikini season friendly, mini loaf.  just enough for me…and me.

and none for the boogey man sneaking into my apartment.

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  1. Notorious permalink
    March 30, 2012 7:40 pm

    Jenny and the world should be afraid of Notorious winning the Mega Millions jackpot. I will officially change my name to Notorious and be even more obnoxious. –Notorious (I would however buy you that Cartier Panther ring….and maybe one for your sister)

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