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full bloom

March 23, 2012

mom always knew it was my birthday because the old crabapple tree in our backyard in wisconsin would burst into bloom.  story goes, she was painting my nursery and could see the tree, in all its glory, outside my little baby window.  while i have a love/hate relationship with budding trees and the pollen they spray into the atmosphere, i have to say that i get tingles in my toes when i see flowers popping.  it’s almost my birthday!

the tidal basin is a little over a mile from my little apartment.  100 years ago japan gifted the united states with an army of cherry blossom trees.  which we planted around the jefferson memorial and the tidal basin.  their annual bloom is a full on celebration- complete with pop-up gift shops and porta-potties and tour buses.

you know how delusional i am.  you know how i love to think that the entire world revolves around me.  so imagine how much i love the cherry blossom festival.  it’s as if the entire world is celebrating my birthday.  so this morning i, jenny-center-of-the-universe, went for a little twirl around the tidal basin, through the flowering trees.  and i captured a little of the celebration, just for you…just for me.

the jefferson memorial through the trees

like a tree, we all have roots.  i remember where i came from when i see trees bursting into bloom.  i came from a little house, in a far-flung midwestern town, with a little nursery, overlooking a great crabapple tree that burst into bloom just for me.


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