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give it up for the new jenny

March 7, 2012

when i gave up sweets for lent, i didn’t realize that meant i’d be taking up naughty new habits like…

  • eating chips and salsa for a meal.  without chocolate chips to sustain me, i had to find a savory stand-in.  chips (whole wheat scoops, basically health food) and salsa seem like the perfect replacement.  **shudder**  did i just say that?  eesh.
  • carbs.  carbs are my jam.  err…my bread and butter.  bread and butter.  crackers.  bagel thins.  i love them all.  so much so that i daydream about pasta now.  blame it on the running.  blame it on my withdrawal from sweets.  or blame it on how sweet it is and her bbq chicken pasta bake.  start salivating now.
  • going to bed super early.  ok, so maybe this is nothing new.  but now that i’m not filling my nights (and tummy) with mug cookies or real cookies or hershey’s kisses there’s just really no point in being awake.  i’ve been in bed before 10 p.m. the past two nights in a row.
  • reading.  i’ve got no stirring, no spooning, no mixing or baking to do.  because i cannot be trusted with baked goods around.  so i haven’t been baking.  i’ve been reading.  i cruised through the first two books in the hunger games series in less than a week.  and i’m currently working my way through number three.  after this?  something a little heartier and more grown up.  something like anne of green gables, my childhood favorite that’s sure to make mom cry.  heartier and grown up?  indeed.

so maybe it’s not all bad.  maybe i’m turning over a new leaf.  yes, yes.  a heartier, more grown up jenny.  thanks to carbs, sleep and literature.  and two weeks without sweets.

31 days to until the old jenny returns…hold on to your chocolate chips!

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