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hungry for more

March 3, 2012

i hate them.  loathe them.  they make me angry.  bandwagon jumper on-ers.  it might be because my mom says i have such strong opinions but something about people who have not a mind of their own and simply latch on to what’s cool and hip really makes my blood boil.  so i refused to read the hunger games.

but have you seen that trailer?

it was enough to make me not only jump on the bandwagon, but do a happy little bandwagon jumper on-er jig once i was safely aboard.  i read the first book in the three book series in 4 sittings.  i haven’t done that since the september issue of vogue.  i can barely contain my enthusiasm for books 2 & 3 and may have google stalked every little tidbit of information about the cast of the movie, the underlying themes and the characters’ backgrounds.  i am a walking, talking, bandwagon clinging hunger games freak.

also.  is it weird if i think the only way to justly conclude this season’s bachelor is with a hunger games style all-out fight to the death?  i really think i’ll lose it if courtney (she’s certainly from district four- where they fish…for husbands) walks away with that neil lane sparkler.

may the odds be ever in your favor.

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