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what’s in a name

March 2, 2012

i can only imagine that as a parent, you must feel enormous power and strength.  you gave birth to a child, a wee little one, whose brain you are now in control of.  you can teach that little brain numbers or the alphabet or curse words.  you have been given a blank canvas, with which you can craft your own little human being.  that’s great.  you’re powerful.  you’re strong.  you’re in control.

but please, i beg of you, do not give your child some wack-a-doo name.  {unless you’re gwyneth paltrow.  because then you’re powerful, strong, in control, famous, rich, talented, and other-worldly beautiful.}

in the past day alone, i’ve met a cinnamon, diamond, breeze, gamble, and roxanne.  and by met i mean that i’ve read their application to college.  these students have made an impact on me.  but not for the right reason.  i seriously question the home environment each of these students have grown up in if their parents had the brilliant idea to name them after a spice/stone/weather phenomenon.  i understand individuality.  i understand creativity.  i understand freedom.  but naming your child should not be where you exercise your right to each of these qualities.

and why doesn’t anyone name their kid jenny?

so please.  use your power for good, parents of the world.  because though i may remember cinnamon, it’s only because she’s making me hungry.



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