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just because

February 27, 2012

30 reasons why i believe in a thing called love…

30.  because there’s a whole holiday built around it.  and it’s called valentine’s day.  ugh.

29.  because glamour magazine can name 101 ways to find it.

28.  because my heart goes pitter patter when i log on to and see coverage of london fashion week.  mcqueen = love.

27.  because taylor swift sings about it.  and if she sings it, then it must be true.

26.  because i’ve learned to bake biscuits.  men like those.  and the man i love will love my biscuits.  that’s why i’m practicing.

25.  because boys don’t pull girls’ hair for nothing.  kids.

24.  because if there was no love, tiffany’s and cartier and harry winston would be out of business.  platinum love.

23.  because i’ve been surrounded by it from day one.  parents and grandparents and teachers and friends and coaches and uncles and aunts.  everybody loves me!

22.  because shakespeare says so.

21.  because there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for an oreo right now.  an oreo covered in peanut butter, topped with whipped cream.

20.  because i have a pair of sparkle christian louboutins that i’ve never worn.  love hurts sometimes.  but it’s love.

19.  because there’s nothing i love more than clean sheets and a fluffy pillow.  especially on monday mornings.

18.  because i love grandma r’s casseroles.  and grandma b’s cherry pies.  grandma love.

17.  because it’s more fun to believe in love than it is to believe in hate.

16.  because i’m a dreamer.  and i believe in rainbows and unicorns and conspiracy theories.  love fits right in there.

15.  because a woman came into the boutique the other day carrying a mint green celine bag.  and i knew it was love.  at first sight.

14.  because there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for a brownie.  a brownie covered in peanut butter, topped with whipped cream.

13.  because i long for home.  doggies on the prowl, a mommy in the kitchen and a dad to go running with.  oh, and a sarah to help plot mischief.

12.  because i’ve been to paris.  and italy.  and if paris and italy can’t make you believe in love…

11.  because my friends are the bestest people in the whole wide galaxy.  and i love them and don’t know what i’d do without them.  (i’d smile less.  and eat less.  and shop less.  and be happy less.  there’s your answer.)

10.  because i’ve seen the notebook.  and titanic.  and beauty and the beast.

9.  because i believe the world is full of good people.  good people who care for others.  that’s realistic love.

8.  because i have four-legged creatures in my life.  i love bandit.  even though he could eat me in one gulp.  wait, maybe that’s fear?

7.  because there’s gotta be some reason why i brush my teeth and comb my hair and go to the gym.  and i think it’s because whoever’s going to love me, is also going to love pretty hair.  or at least fresh breath.

6.  because i don’t always have pretty hair or fresh breath.  but people in love don’t really care.  they just offer you a breath mint.

5.  because i get mushy when i see a dad holding the hand of his 6-year-old mohawked son as they cross the street.  spiky love.

4.  because i would smack someone in the face if they were mean to my sister/mom/dad/gwyneth paltrow.  and that, in my mind, is love.

3.  because i have a heart.  and sometimes i use it.

2.  because i’ve eaten cake and danced the funky chicken and twirled in pretty party dresses at weddings.  they believe in love.  and so do i.

1.  because of my mom and dad.  happy 30th anniversary!

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  1. Notorious permalink
    February 27, 2012 10:11 pm

    Great writings as always. This is one of your best. –Notorious

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