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i heart valentine’s day?

February 13, 2012

i want a man who will hold the door for me.  but i hit the gym every day to build up my biceps.  manners are a must but i’m often covered in sweat and dirt (and sometimes blood).  i like guys who could change a tire or fix the disposal or, at the very least, change a light bulb but i own three different shades of glitter nail polish.  i’m a bit of a contradiction.

so i know that i may be a bit of a stink when it comes to this valentine’s day thing.  but i am still a girl.

i may have done a little happy dance when my valentine (yuck) texted me that he’d made dinner reservations last night.  and i may have let out a girlish giggle when he approached my apartment to pick me up, pink roses in hand.  i smiled as he picked up the check and opened my car door and let me watch the grammy’s even though they were totally lame.

but it made me happiest when he let me pay for our two frozen yogurt parfaits.  because i may be a girl.  but i’m also a contradiction.

that being said, i also think i’m starting to like valentine’s day.  or at least my version of it.

mine...all mine


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  1. February 14, 2012 10:00 pm

    I heart those blooms!!!! GORGEOUS!!!! And, a man who will be gracious AND let you take care of business, perfection. Yay for a good V-Day!

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