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i heart the music master

February 10, 2012

i may get my undeniable good looks from my mom (har har) but i get my great taste in music from my dad, the music master.  a christmas isn’t complete without manheim steamroller blaring from the soundsystem.  it’s not a ride in his jeep wrangler without techno tunes.  and with every care package comes a new compact disc of dad’s greatest hits.  beyond an appreciation for eclectic tastes in music, i think dad’s taught me tolerance.   today, my ipod boasts nearly every genre of music.  even some of dad’s greatest hits.  and here are some of mine because i heart music.  and i heart dad for forcing me outside my comfort zone and encouraging me to listen.

  • lady gaga “highway unicorn”
  • madonna “give me all your luvin” (judge me if you wish)
  • ellie goulding “every time you go”
  • gotye “somebody that i used to know”
  • jason aldean “fly over states”
  • eric church “springsteen”

listen up!


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