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soda pop

February 7, 2012

we used to live just a block from the village square.  we were bike riding distance from the ice cream store.  we could trot on over to the grocery when we were out of milk.  and the post office was just across the street.  so every time grandma b would come to town we’d walk over to the pharmacy and sit at their retro lunch counter and she’d treat us to chocolate cokes.  everything changes with time.  and so, one day the pharmacy closed.  gone were the greasy grilled cheese sandwiches and the hot cocoa we’d order up after sledding.  gone were the gross formica counter tops.  and the malt machine.  it all made way for a fancy new “greek restaurant” called penelope’s that i hated.  because they stole my childhood.

never one to be ruffled, after the pharmacy closed grandma, sarah and i decided we’d simply take our business elsewhere.  around the corner to r.j. & ethel may’s to be exact.  r.j.’s was the ice cream parlour in town.  and though they didn’t have torn glitter pleather stools at the counter, they did have coke and chocolate syrup.  we approached the sweet young thing behind the counter and grandma ordered three chocolate cokes.  she panicked.  her brain bounced around in her head.  what exactly is a chocolate coke, she asked?  sarah and i were still outgrowing baby fat, but even we knew what a chocolate coke was.  we cackled.  and grandma politely explained the intricacies of the retro refreshment.

grab the hershey’s syrup.  drizzle into vintage shake/malt glass, making sure to coat the sides (and make a mess).  pop open your coke can.  empty into chocolate doused glass.  watch coke fizzle and suds and foam.  give it a twirl with a malt spoon.  yes, a malt spoon.  get out a fancy straw.  don’t slurp- grandma’s around!

i think marc jacobs, head designer for louis vuitton, must’ve enjoyed similar childhood memories.  because check out his latest ad campaign.  those sweet young things certainly know their way around a chocolate coke!

slurp slurp

at the soda shop

table for two

yep.  that’s my childhood.  pretty and pink and blonde and a little retro.

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