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i heart mom

February 7, 2012

for some reason, growing up, i desperately wanted to be told that i looked like my dad.  everyone was always telling me how much i look like my mom and how i was definitely my mother’s daughter and all that jazz.  but again, for some reason, i didn’t want that.   i wanted to be told i looked like my dad.  i’m sure i’d make a great 50-something-year-old man and an even better daddy’s girl (ugh…gag meeeeeee!) but today i completely appreciate the compliment that is being told i look like my mom.

just doin' what we do

let’s be honest here.  she’s gorg.eous.  if i ever used capital letters that would be gorgeous with a big ole fat g.  and i’m not just saying that because people say we look alike.  that skin!  that dorothy hamill bowl cut!  those perfectly arched brows!  that twinkle in her blue eyes.  that’s the essence of my mom…that twinkle.

i have a feeling that back in her day, she was quite the rabble rouser.  in fact, i know that back in her day she was quite the rabble rouser because i’ve heard stories.  many shall remain under lock and key as per the r family code of ethics but i can tell you that she once won a keg for her sorority (kappa kappa gamma, for those of you who favor fleur de lis) in an arm wrestling competition at a fraternity house.  go mom!

i can’t remember the last time my mom brought a keg home.  in fact, she’s never brought a keg home.  but she still has that twinkle in her eye.  the sparkle of sass.  the glimmer of glee.  the mark of mischief.  and i’d be happy to inherit some of that from her.  that and her beer-winning biceps.  that’s really all a girl needs.

beside a fantastic mom.

pretty clear

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