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i heart stinky shinguards and scrapbooks

February 2, 2012

the past.

i know they say you shouldn’t look back.  but frankly i love a good whiff of nostalgia.  i woke up monday morning to a facebook message from my high school boyfriend saying he’d been cleaning out his old closet at his parent’s home and stumbled upon a “scrapbook” i’d cobbled together for him as a graduation present.  i’m not sure why he used “” around scrapbook, because that thing was legit.  and why do ex-boyfriends always crop up on mondays?  and why on earth did i ever think i’d date my high school boyfriend forever?  things i’ll never understand…

but i do love a good chance to reminisce.

like glancing in the mirror every morning and seeing the scar above your left eyebrow from that time you collapsed at the city pool and required 15 stitches to put yourself back together again.  or watching a clip of the first lady feeding jay leno vegetables and remembering the time you gagged down cooked carrots chased with milk, while mom glared at you across the dinner table.  or casually google earth-ing your old home on morningside lane just because you almost forgot what it looked like.  like strolling through the aisles at whole foods every day because that’s what grandma r used to do.  like adidas sambas and spelling bees and lay’s sour cream and onion potato chips. and bath & body works’ cucumber melon body lotion (the scent of nostalgia).  and shinguards and locker combinations.  like hanging out in your parents’ basement and considering chicken fingers a food group.  and yes, even ex-boyfriends you were destined to marry.  and then destined to forget.

there’s something reassuring about the past.  everything has a soft glow about it.  you can taste the tang of those lay’s potato chips.  your cringe-worthy abomination of a prom dress is fit for the best-dressed list.  810 morningside lane never looked so good.  even those painful memories, don’t look so bad now that you’re settled and happy and safely past the days of mod-podging together “scrapbooks” for boyfriends.

i love the past.

{but can’t wait for the future.}

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