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i heart how sweet

February 1, 2012

this is as good a place to start as any, i suppose.  because when it comes to matters of the heart, family is always a good place to start.  family and food.  sarah and i have a running argument over the name of a certain favorite food blog.  the url reads: how sweet eats.  while the home page is titled: how sweet it is.  talk about confusing.

but what we both agree on is how obsessed we are with how sweet’s eats.  she’s worked her way into my morning routine- along with checking for new merchandise at shopbop, catching up on fashion news at, prowling on pinterest, stalking friends on facebook and twittering away.  it’s quite a routine.  and i’m glad she’s a part of it because this morning she made bagels.  do you even know how much i love carbs?  do you realize that i’ve always dreamed of making bagels?  do you know what i ate for lunch every day in 5th grade?

bagels!  i must make bagels!  because no one can argue with a fresh from the oven bagel.  not even sarah.

and that’s why i’m in love with how sweet eats.  and you should be too.

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