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thanks a lot

January 26, 2012

and today i’m thankful for…

  • drugs.  good ones.  thanks to those aleve liquid gels i can hardly feel the throbbing in my right bum.  the hazards of distance running and a desk job.
  • working from home.  i just had a full on dance party (it’s the drugs).
  • country music.  i’m diggin’ it.  download jason aldean’s “flyover states” and/or eric church’s “springsteen” for a taste.
  • the sun.  on dreary days like today i almost forget what it looks like.  but, as they say, it’ll come out again.  tomorrow?
  • friends feeling restless.  i have three friends coming through town this weekend.  makes me happy like a big, old, snuggly bear hug.

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  1. January 26, 2012 8:17 pm

    I like that you have a right bum…is the other bum a left bum or a wrong bum? 😉

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